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Honing in on HealthKit: An App Review

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A few weeks ago, MobiHealthNews rounded up an updated list of the health and wellness apps that connect to Apple’s HealthKit, a health and fitness data exchange that facilitates data sharing between iOS apps. With a total of 137 apps, MobiHealthNews analyzed the ways in which these apps integrate with HealthKit—some only pull data, some only push data and about 20 percent do both. When all analyses were complete, the major point discovered was this: while HealthKit makes it possible to share dozens of different types of health and fitness data, most apps make use of the same few data points. Active calories and weight data are both among the top three most popular data types to push or pull from HealthKit. Take a look below to see the full results!

Number of apps pushing various kinds of data (or “writing”) to Apple HealthKit.

  • 34 percent of HealthKit apps (46) are pushing active calories data.
  • 20 percent of HealthKit apps (28) are pushing weight data.
  • 18 percent of HealthKit apps (25) are writing heart rate data.
  • 18 percent (24) are pushing workouts data to HealthKit, even though the Apple Health app doesn’t have such a field.
  • 15 percent of HealthKit apps (21) are feeding step count data into the platform.
  • 15 percent (20) are sharing walking and running distance data with HealthKit.
  • 10 percent of HealthKit apps (14) are pushing out sleep analysis data.
  • 9 percent (12) are sharing nutrition data with the HealthKit ecosystem.
  • 8 percent (11) are pushing out blood pressure data with HealthKit.
  • 7 percent of HealthKit apps (9) are writing cycling distance data.

Number of apps pulling various kinds of data (or “reading”) from Apple HealthKit

  • 23 percent of HealthKit apps (32) are pulling weight data.
  • 16 percent (22) are integrating step count data from HealthKit.
  • 12 percent (17) are using active calories data from the platform.
  • 10 percent of HealthKit apps (14) are using heart rate data pulled from the system.
  • 10 percent (14) are pulling down blood pressure data from HealthKit.
  • 9 percent (13) make use of walking and running distance data retrieved from HealthKit.
  • 9 percent (13) are pulling nutrition data from HealthKit.
  • 9 percent of HealthKit apps (12) are using sleep analysis data from the platform.
  • 7 percent of HealthKit-connected apps are using the platform to pull in a user’s height.
  • 7 percent (9) are pulling in a user’s birthdate from HealthKit.

SOURCE: MobiHealthNews

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