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“The couch is where it’s at:” 78.5 million to use home health technologies by 2020

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According to a recent report from Tractica, a Colorado-based marketing intelligence firm, the number of people using home health-specific technologies is expected to increase from 14.3 million worldwide in 2014 to 78.5 million by the year 2020. This more than five-fold increase will be driven by a number of important factors—and if you’re curious (like we were) to find out what they are, read on!

Traditionally, home health technologies include offerings that enable providers to remotely monitor and treat patients with chronic conditions, improve care for elderly populations and conduct virtual visits with patients. Growing interests in these services, as Tractica mentions, are very much correlated with rising healthcare costs, a continuously aging population and a rise in the number of people living with one—or multiple—chronic conditions.

When getting down to the “nitty gritty” of research, Tractica added: within the home health technology space, “medical monitoring, diagnosis and treatment” will be the crucial segments to watch between 2014 and 2020–other key segments to keep in mind include remote consultations, elderly care and health & wellness. Tractia’s report states that these specific sectors will “drive the deployment of a wide variety of connected health devices and software applications.”

Although the home health tech industry faces a number of regulatory and security barriers to solve over the next few years, the future is looking bright. At the beginning of this year, a Harris Poll survey commissioned by American Well found 64% of patients to be on board with physician video visits and these numbers are only expected to climb.

For more information, read mobihealthnews’ full coverage article here.

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