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Healthcare Startup Spotlight: Heal

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Startup: Heal

Founders: Nick Desai (CEO) and Renee Dua, MD (Chief Medical Officer)

Website: www.getheal.com                         Funding: $3.7 million

Funding Fun Fact: Lionel Richie is an investor!

Currently Operating In: Los Angeles and San Francisco

Overview: A new version of the housecall is taking shape and Heal is front and center in this innovative style of healthcare delivery. Described as “health care at a distance,” telemedicine and virtual housecalls typically require the use of telecommunications by physicians to diagnose, consult, treat and transfer medical data. A doctor and patient can conduct or schedule an appointment online–and that’s exactly where Heal comes in.

Coined “An Uber for Doctor Housecalls” by the New York Times, Heal is a smartphone app that mirrors the Uber workflow–but instead of a car showing up, a doctor arrives at one’s door for assessment and treatment. Patients can download the Heal app and then enter details such as home address and the reason for the visit. After adding in credit card information, a patient can then request a visit from a family doctor or pediatrician and within 20-60 minutes, the physician arrives for a flat fee of $99.

Heal physicians arrive equipped with a medical assistant and handy dandy kit filled with the latest high-tech gadgets such as tools for taking vitals and otoscopes (used to examine the ear). Heal officially kicked off in its first city, Los Angeles, this past February and recently expanded to San Francisco. High growth is expected over the next year, as Heal plans to roll out in 15 additional major cities.

Want to learn more about Heal and see if the housecall is right for you? Check out www.getheal.com now!

SOURCE: EmpowHER and NY Times 

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