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How Costly Are Prescription Pain Meds? CVS Can Tell You.

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If only money grew on trees—I’m sure the revolving door of CVS’ bank accounts hope so. In the hot seat once again, the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Massachusetts announced on Thursday, June 30, that CVS is to pay $3.5 Million to resolve allegations that pharmacists have been filling forged prescriptions for controlled substances more than 500 times between 2011 and 2014. They failed to recognize the red flags for fake prescriptions and computer system bans on individuals receiving addictive drugs and did not alert the authorities. Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time CVS has had to shell out a large sum of money as a result of negligence when filling controlled substances.

May 2015 – $22 Million; Florida

August 2015 – $450,000; Rhode Island

February 2016 – $8 Million; Maryland

June 2016 – $3.5 Million; Massachusetts

“DEA registrants like CVS have a corresponding responsibility to dispense controlled substances in accordance with the Controlled Substance Act.  When pharmacies fail to adhere to these responsibilities, it allows for the diversion of prescription pain medication, which contributes to the widespread abuse of opiates, is the gateway to heroin addiction, and is devastating our communities,” said DEA Special Agent in Charge Michael J. Ferguson.  

Furthermore, dentists were victimized once again. A woman identified as “P.R.” signed a dentist’s name on 56 of 59 oxycodone prescriptions that were filled at five CVS locations, even though CVS had banned her back in 2011. Creating a new patient profile with a different last name was her way in. Another forger had used a Massachusetts address for a dentist who had moved to Maine.

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The settlement money is going to the Department of Justice for now, but there are hopes that this money will be used toward prevention—specifically addressing the need for a way forged prescriptions will never even be able to happen. This is where e-prescribing comes into play. e-Prescribing eliminates paper prescriptions, thus eliminating the risk of forged prescriptions, altered quantities, and stolen prescription pads.

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