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4 Signs Your Company is Ready for e-Prescribing

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In a recent post, we discussed that mandatory e-Prescribing is the commonsense solution for opioid addiction across the country, but that may ignite some anxiety in companies that have yet to embrace the technology. Don’t worry, we’re here to help! With 50 states and the District of Columbia on board and ready to e-Prescribe both controlled and non-controlled substances, more and more companies and pharmacies are quickly becoming certified for electronic prescribing. Let’s take the deep dive together and evaluate your clinical workflows with these four reasons your company may be ready to upgrade to e-Prescribing:

You want to ensure patient safety and quality of care to the highest degree

When a patient comes into a provider’s office, of course the purpose is to help this patient in any which way, however how can you be absolutely certain that this patient has good intentions or yet, can remember every medication they may be taking or have taken? With e-Prescribing, you can take the guesswork out by having access to their full medication history and you will also be alerted about any potential drug-to-drug and drug-to-allergy interactions.

You want to simplify clinical workflows and enable providers to spend more time with patients

The implementation of an e-Prescribing system will reduce the time spent on pharmacy calls and faxes, while also reducing clinical errors and time spent deciphering a provider’s handwriting. The automation and electronic efficiency put in place will allow providers to do what they do best and spend more time with their patients, while also improving the value of treatment relative to patient outcomes and medication adherence.

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You want to lower costs

Not only will you have access to a patient’s full medication history, you will also have visibility into their pharmacy benefits and associated formulary at point of care. This encourages the use of generic medications or lower cost equivalent medications which in turn has a lower out-of-pocket cost for the patient. E-Prescribing also reduces costs associated with both providers and pharmacies by saving time and resources. A study conducted by the Medical Group Management Association shows that more than $247,500 per year was spent on unnecessarily complex or redundant administrative tasks and $19,444 per year was spent on phone calls with pharmacies resolving drug formulary issues.

You want to combat prescription drug abuse

We see it on the news, we hear about it from a family member or friend, and the truth of the matter is, the controlled substances abuse epidemic, particularly with opioids, is not slowing down. The good news is, e-Prescribing can help. No longer will a patient have access to a paper prescription where it can easily be lost, stolen, or tampered with since the prescription will be sent directly to the pharmacy. Having access to their medication history will also assist providers in knowing if this patient is doctor shopping for such substances.

The benefits that electronic prescribing has to offer both providers and their patients greatly eliminates risk regarding fraud and drug abuse, as well as associated costs. Here at DoseSpot, we understand that making any type of change can be difficult, but we’ll be with you every step of the way. Our platforms are not only affordable, intuitive and easy to use, but they’re designed to integrate with any healthcare software whether it be medical, dental, or digital. Contact us today to learn more!

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