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The Top 5 TED Talks for Health IT

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Time is often not on our sides and we find ourselves with less hours in the day to catch up on the news and to learn new things.  Video and auditory content is a great alternative to reading and can be convenient and insightful to get informed about things that interest you. TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) Talks have been increasing in popularity as well as volume over the years. Here are 5 of our favorite TED Talks from over the years that highlight a wide range of Health IT topics. Enjoy!

Wearables, Beyond the FitBit

What if doctors could monitor patients at home with the same degree of accuracy they’d get during a stay at the hospital? Bioelectronics innovator Todd Coleman shares his quest to develop wearable, flexible electronic health monitoring patches that promise to revolutionize healthcare and make medicine less invasive. More here.

An Oldie, but a Goodie: Innovation in Health IT

Daniel Kraft offers a fast-paced look at the next few years of innovations in medicine, powered by new tools, tests and apps that bring diagnostic information right to the patient’s bedside. More here.

Progression of Collecting Health Data: From Paper to the Cloud

Collecting global health data is an imperfect science: Workers tramp through villages to knock on doors and ask questions, write the answers on paper forms, then input the data — and from this messy, gappy information, countries and NGOs need to make huge decisions. Data geek Joel Selanikio talks through the sea change in collecting health data in the past decade — starting with the PalmPilot and Hotmail, and now moving into the cloud. More here.

Get Curious, Start Innovating

Science is a learning process that involves experimentation, failure and revision — and the science of medicine is no exception. Cancer researcher Kevin B. Jones faces the deep unknowns about surgery and medical care with a simple answer: honesty. In a thoughtful talk about the nature of knowledge, Jones shows how science is at its best when scientists humbly admit what they do not yet understand. More here.

Nanotechnology and the Future of Disease Detection

What if every home had an early-warning cancer detection system? Researcher Joshua Smith is developing a nanobiotechnology “cancer alarm” that scans for traces of disease in the form of special biomarkers called exosomes. In this forward-thinking talk, he shares his dream for how we might revolutionize cancer detection and, ultimately, save lives. More here.

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