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We’ve done the research: Check out our top picks for telehealth video plug-ins!

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In building a viable telehealth solution, there are a number of key aspects that must seamlessly combine to create a robust clinical workflow. Among these crucial features are scheduling apps, virtual waiting rooms, clinical charting, audio recording and of course, video conferencing plug-ins. To provide you with some up-to-date and relevant information in the digital health space, we’ve gone ahead and reviewed some of the top telehealth video plug-ins on the market today. Take a look below and let us know what you think!

TokBox (San Francisco, CA)

Website: www.tokbox.com

Previously backed by Bain Capital Ventures and Sequoia Capital, TokBox develops and operates an API Platform, OpenTok, which enables users to add group video chat features to websites or mobile applications. TokBox’s industry leading Video API makes it easy to embed sophisticated and scalable video communications to facilitate consultations, team collaborations and more. From a telehealth standpoint, OpenTok helps healthcare professionals stay connected with patients in a timely fashion. The OpenTok platform can be directly integrated into a new or existing telehealth service and has been known to increase workflow efficiencies among customers. And speaking of customers, TokBox’s telehealth loyalty base includes personal health service Babylon, 2nd.MD and Net Medical Xpress.

Vidyo (Hackensack, NJ)

Website: www.vidyo.com

A venture funded company providing both software-based technology and product-based visual communication solutions, Vidyo offers a leading platform for high-definition video conferencing. Telehealth solutions powered by Vidyo have proven critical both in areas where doctors are in short supply and for routine checkups between healthcare professionals and patients. Expanding across specialties including primary care, teleneurology surgery and critical care, Vidyo’s video collaboration platform is currently integrated with REACH Health, American Well, HealthSpot and California Telehealth Network.

Polycom (San Jose, CA)

Website: www.polycom.com

With more than 400,000 clients nationwide, Polycom provides a unified video communication solution that increases productivity across the telehealth sector. Since 1990, Polycom has established its presence as a reliable video conferencing provider in the areas of education, financial services, government, entertainment, healthcare and more. Collaborative healthcare solutions via Polycom enable organizations to improve care, reduce cost and work together despite physical barriers. Armed with an impressive customer base in the healthcare realm, Polycom currently works with organizations including Clinicians Telemed–California’s largest multi-specialty telemedicine provider–, telepsychiatry-focused Gosnold on Cape Cod and Greater Midlands Cancer Network.

Tely Labs (Redwood City, CA)

Website: www.tely.com

Founded in 2010, Tely Labs has created telyHD, a video calling system that delivers high-definition Skype video-calling to the conference room, healthcare facility and more. With its ease-of-use and security features, telyHD is well-suited for healthcare providers in their endeavors to treat patients in cost-effective ways. The aging American population is currently a major target for Tely Labs–providers can utilize telyHD to remotely diagnose patients, provide ongoing outpatient care and subsequently reduce hospital readmission rates significantly. Current Tely Labs customers include Hospice of the Western Reserve, Cleveland Clinic and St. Croix Hospice.

For more information on each of these hip and happenin’ video consultation plug-ins, we recommend checking out the company websites listed above (case studies, industry news, etc.)!

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