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Electronic Prescribing for Dentistry!

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The medical industry has been using electronic prescribing (“e-Prescribing”) for over a decade now. The dental industry hasn’t quite caught up.  In fact, in a recent personal survey I noticed dental practice management systems don’t provide medications in a coded format.  Meaning, the medications are free text fields and the practice hand enters the medications into the system.  This will end up limiting the user of these systems from ePrescribing, drug-to-drug alerts, drug monographs and many other features common in electronic medical record (EMR) systems.

The advantages for adopting ePrescribing are vast:

Patient Safety

The electronic prescription reduces prescriptions errors caused by illegible hand writing, drug-to-drug interactions, incorrect dosing, drug allergy reactions, duplication of drugs, etc.

Fraud and Crime

The medication history his saved electronically and can be monitored easier than paper.

Medication Adherence

Patients are more likely to fill prescriptions as they’ll be waiting at the pharmacy for pickup.  The refill process is also expedited without multiple phone calls between patient, provider, and pharmacy.

Real-time communication

Providers can write notes that follow the prescription to the pharmacist. Pharmacists can submit refill request on behalf of the patient for approval by the physician (no phone call needed).

Decision Support

Health care professionals will have critical drug alerts and patient specific information at the time of prescribing.

Government Regulations

In January 2011, the state of Minnesota released a mandate for all Prescribing Providers to electronically prescribe medications.  This mandate includes dentists.  The rule wasn’t put in place to punish dentists.  It was actually designed to bring dentist into the fold of sharing health information.

Most dental Practice Management Systems don’t have electronic prescribing capabilities.  In the next few years a number of these companies will begin adding ePrescribing capabilities.  A company called DoseSpot has developed a dental e-prescribing application accessible from the web.  The dental industry is about change the way it prescribes medications.  Stay tuned…

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